'Ugly Betty' Bad Guy Grant Bowler Praises Castmates

While villains hardly have a kind word to say about their enemies, the resident bad guy of ABC's Ugly Betty has proven how he stands out. Well, it's not as if actor Grant Bowler is anything like his TV character in real life though. He may play the thieving Connor Owens on the hit series, but he's no way near that persona when vacationing in hometown New Zealand.

On an interview with the Herald Sun, Bowler declared how much he loved working with his Ugly Betty cast-mates. He's had to go back and forth from his native country to the streets of New York for the role and thankfully, the stresses of traveling have been lifted by working with the other stars of the series.

The 41-year-old actor, returning for the upcoming season of the show, explained how much he missed being back in New Zealand. However, it's back to work soon enough.

"I think all of us got a bit sick of me being away this year, so I've been home probably about four or five months. Now I'm at the end of that," Grant Bowler said. "I go to New Zealand on a little job this week, then in three weeks it's back to New York for Betty."

With him coming back, he's really looking forward to getting together with the cast, which he describes as the most "non-diva" crew he's ever met. That totally debunks some misconceptions about these celebrities then.

"The Betty guys are amazing," Bowler exclaimed. "I just love them." He also expressed his utmost admiration for the very down-to-earth cast.

"Everyone in the Ugly Betty cast I have so much respect for, and that's not kind of Hollywood talk," he said. "They have dinner together. They dance together. They hang out together. Everybody is over everybody else's house at weekends. Amazing. I've never worked with a cast like it anywhere."

He continued: "These guys consider themselves to be a bunch of East Coast theatre geeks who got lucky."

The fans certainly consider themselves lucky too, seeing as how popular Ugly Betty has become. Don't miss the premiere of the series' fourth season, airing on October 9 at ABC.

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