'NCIS' - 'Moonlighting' Season 7, Episode 20 Recap

The 'NCIS' gang was finally back. As much as the reruns are enjoyable, there's really nothing like a fresh episode. This was a fun episode because FBI agent Fornell was back, which means getting on Gibbs' nerves and good banter between the two. And then there was the girl from Tim's past. It's not what you think, but if you want to know more, read on.

For a change, the murder had nothing to do with the larger crime that NCIS and the FBI had to investigate. The petty officer had just been in the wrong place at the wrong time. After finding mob informant Stefano Delmar, Gibbs and Fornell started following the clues. The Judge was a least likely suspect, but it was logical that they wouldn't have introduced her for just one scene.

The scene outside Cooper's Hawk Security, with Gibbs and Fornell talking to the polygrapher Susan Grady, was well done. The explosion was completely unexpected and as the plot unfolded, it turned out that it wasn't supposed to kill everyone; that was just a dumb accident. Fortunately, since she was with Gibbs and Fornell, Susan lived to tell them what she knew.

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