One Tree Hill Season 7, Episode 7: "I and Love and You" - Recap

This week's episode answered many questions by flashing into the past to reveal the truth about Nathan and Renee, where Quinn and David went wrong and why Clay is unable to open his heart.

Step into the light and get yourself right

"He spent my all life trying to get me into the NBA, and now he's going to take it away," Nathan says about Dan, who wants to punish Nathan for turning his back on him. To do so, Dan wants Renee's story be told once and for - all on his show, of course. "They say that truth is the best indication against slander, so what's the truth?" Dan asks. Oh Dan, how creepy you are when spouting words of wisdom. Renee gets called on stage and looks terrified. We then flash back to when she and Nate met. As previously revealed, the two were at a party where Nathan and Clay were celebrating Nate's highest scoring game, and Renee asked for a picture.

Back to the present, Dan says he's going to prove Renee's story by bringing out a lie detector machine. This whole scenario was like a twisted Jerry Springer episode. Renee freaks out but proceeds with Dan's show. And back in Tree Hill, while Nathan is freaking out about what's going to transpire, his loving wife Haley says, "Screw him," and they decide not to watch the rest of the show.

Will you marry me?

Brooke is angry with Julian because even though she fired Alex, he's still working with her because he "likes her script." But Brooke is more than angry, she's hurt. She tells Julian that he hurt her feelings when he laughed off the idea of marriage, but he admits he thinks about it all the time. She then tells him that she wrote "Marry Me" in the sand (this was in the premiere episode) but then didn't say anything because he said he was going to take the producing job in New Zealand. Brooke tells Julian that she needs to know if he can see them doing this forever and he responds, "You're the girl I love with all my heart and I'm the boy who will love you forever." Not going to lie, I heart Julian.

We were really happy then

We also learned more about why Quinn and David grew apart. They once were struggling artists, but then David takes a job for more money and everything changes. They buy a house and instead of making a dark room for his wife, David makes a screening room for himself. Quinn misses the days when they had an old car and a futon, but to David, they were just "naïve kids" then.

On the count of two

Last episode, we were introduced to a woman from Clay's past named Sara. We all had our own theories about her, and I'm sure most of us were right. But more on that in a minute. Clay flashes back to when he and Sara first met - the famous bridge-jumping scene Robert Buckley told me all about a while back. The two were anxiously about to jump off a bridge that appeared to be a popular pastime for many residents, and as they strike up conversation to stall the leap, they hit it off. They then jump on the count of two, which makes no sense to Clay, and jump into the water. She immediately kisses him and apparently the rest is history.

We then see Clay preparing for his first interview with the sports agency - to work in the mailroom no less. Sara slides a ring on Clay's finger so that the bigwigs will think he's married and thus "dependable and mature." Clay confusedly says, "But I'm not married," and in a reversal of roles, Sara says, "So marry me you knucklehead."

Another flashback depicts Sara convincing Clay not to represent a good player who's a bad guy. "You'll find someone who has integrity and heart and that will change everything for you," she tells him. We all know that he eventually found that with Nathan.

In the present, Clay looks over at a record and tells her, "I never changed it." We then learn what we all had previously guessed - that Sara unexpectedly died and in the present, is just in Clay's imagination. "I forget things about you and I think that I'm losing us," Clay tells Sara's "ghost." But she sweetly tells him she doesn't want him to be alone, that it's time to let go, and that it's OK for him to like Quinn.

It takes a con to know a con

Back on Dan's show, the lie detector is brought out. Dan begins to question Renee, and shockingly, when he asks her if Nathan is the father of her unborn child, her response of "Yes" and the monitor flashes "true." But then Dan surprises everyone when he turns the detector on himself. He tells ridiculous lies, but the monitor continues to ring true. He then looks at an image of Renee's eyes when she found out she'd have to take the lie detector test and says that she looked surprised. "You knew Nate was in a contract year and you knew he had too much to drink that night. You can stop it, right here, right now. You were at that party that night and you had sex and you got pregnant. But you never had sex with Nathan Scott did you?" Renee finally admits the truth and says, "No."

What did you think of this revealing episode? Are you relieved Nathan isn't a cheater? Do you want Clay to open his heart to Quinn? Comment away.

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