'Justified' - 'Blind Spot' Episode 7 Recap

'Justified' has been running surprisingly low on its juicy, meaty main plot up until the closing minutes of last week's episode. It feels like a whole decade has passed since Raylan blew away some hapless schmuck in a posh Miami restaurant and landed in the middle of the last place on Earth he'd ever want to be.

It all came back this week with the mighty force of a tropical tsunami and it was worth the wait.

Batten down the hatches and get below deck because things are about to go from slack tide to choppy faster than you can say "Chips ahoy!"

Raylan -- simply being Raylan -- spends another night with Ava, the one woman he shouldn't be with but can't stay away from because, well, she's hot and he's (you know) Raylan. Then out of the darkness, a masked shooter unloads a never-ending stream of buckshot ammo into Ava's bed and disappears into the darkness along with a little keepsake or two in his shoulder from Raylan's bullet-spitter. I love it when a show can catapult the audience into a situation within a split second that only ends up tying itself on to something bigger. It can string you along better than the ol' dollar bill on a fishing line trick.

The shows so far have been nice. They weren't perfect, like last week's escapade with an ornery trophy wife and her fake Hitler paintings, which felt a little flat and not very interesting. However, it always gave a hint that something more gripping and harrowing was just over the horizon. Now we're aimed directly for the heart of the sun.

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