Gossip Girl Season 3, Episode 7: "How to Succeed in Bassness" - Recap

This week on Gossip Girl, the opening of Chuck's club coincided with Halloween. While Rufus and Dan got treats, Blair and Jenny were busy playing tricks on others.

Halloween Candy...and Yogurt

Rufus showed how much he loved Halloween by dressing like one of the Ramones and carving pumpkins to resemble the members of KISS. Lily had hoped they would attend Chuck's opening, but her new husband insisted they stay home and give out candy to the little kiddies. Unbeknownst to him, children don't trick-or-treat in this building. However, Lily took care of this by paying the doorman to round up some tots. Rufus eventually caught on, but that didn't dampen his spirits any. (Blair should take note: What Lily did is a harmless way to trick someone you love, keeping the person's best interest at heart without betrayal.)

Jenny, meanwhile, doled out an unwelcome treat to her new stepbrother: yogurt on his head. This all started when Jonathan got tired of Jenny's two-face behavior: She was nice to Eric and Jonathan when no one was looking, but in public, she was the queen and no one was to forget that. So Jonathan defied the rule that no one was to sit higher than Jenny on the steps at lunch. Eric sat beside his boyfriend to support him, and when they wouldn't obey her order to move, Jenny gave the order for the yogurt dumping.

After Lily found out about this, she gave Jenny a talking to, former queen bee to current queen bee. Jenny and her minions were to apologize to Eric at the opening, but Jenny wanted things both ways, so she made up with Eric while her underlings egged Jonathan. Back at home, Jenny explained to a disappointed Eric that he mustn't confuse the school version of Jenny with the home version of Jenny. Eric was very clear with his response: "I want nothing to do with you in either world." Good for him! In the end, Jenny threw out all of her funkier clothes and her sewing machine, perhaps signifying that she's now willing to totally commit to being queen bee (and to being a total bitch?).

Vampire Movie Scenes

Dan decided to finally watch Olivia's vampire film series, though not because it was Halloween, rather, because he and Olivia were getting ready to take the next step in their relationship. Thankfully, Nate owned the whole six-hour package, plus he brought along some extras not found on the DVDs: His behind-the-scenes knowledge (acquired by reading Endless Knights blogs). Apparently, Olivia had been dating her costar Patrick Roberts while making these films, and their love scenes got really intense because of their off-screen romance. A look of surprise turned to insecurity as Dan watched Olivia become aroused to the point of levitation on screen.

Olivia calmed Dan down when she told him her romance with Patrick was simply made up for publicity. And for the sake of publicity, K.C. (I thought it was Casey but now it's sounding like her name is perhaps K.C.?) wanted this relationship to continue, so she ordered Serena to break up Dan and Olivia. Serena had another plan, so she asked Olivia to pretend to attend the club opening with Patrick. Dan wasn't too pleased with this, but Olivia was OK with it, and we later learned why: She really did date Patrick, and she felt bad about breaking his heart when she dumped him. As for Dan, Olivia lied to him because she didn't want him to compare himself to a movie star.

Serena eventually saved the day (and her job) by showing the paparazzi Olivia with her new boyfriend, as well as Patrick and his new girlfriend, who was...Serena! This gave a fading Patrick more publicity than he's had in a long time, so K.C was pleased - and she informed Serena that publically dating Patrick was now one of her job requirements.

Bewitching Tricks

Blair didn't need an excuse like Halloween to play tricks, and that's part of her problem: She can't stop playing them. As Chuck talked to her about the difficulties he was having with his hotel occupancy, it seemed like he had forgiven her for her betrayal last week. Blair interpreted this as meaning everything was fine between them, not realizing that Chuck no longer trusted her. Chuck was keeping Blair in the dark about his club opening, and when Nate asked him if he and Blair were fighting again, Chuck replied, "A fight implies time and energy...this is more of an ongoing, detached distrust." Actually, a big blow-out fight (though not a breakup) might have been fun scene between Chuck and Blair, because there was so much tension there. Instead, it felt like Chuck was holding a lot back. Blair realized something was up when she heard Chuck tell Serena that he wanted her PR help for the opening of his club, adding, "I don't want Blair anywhere near this."

Serena tried to drive home the trust issue with Blair, but Blair heard only what she wanted and set out to "help" Chuck with his liquor license by cashing in a favor with Jack Bass. Chuck was happy to achieve "victory without deceit" (startling, but refreshing words to hear from him), so when he found out what Blair did...well, again, no explosive fight, he simply disinvited Blair to his club opening. This not only meant more alone time with Blair for poor Dorota, but it gave Blair time to reflect on things after finding out Jack's liquor license was fake.

Blair showed up at the opening and let her vulnerable side show as she finally offered Chuck a heartfelt apology, which he accepted. Although Chuck didn't completely let her off the hook, telling her they still needed to talk. And then just as Blair wished, she discovered they were on the same page in thinking that calling the police to shut the club down would be the perfect publicity stunt. When Chuck and Blair talked later, Chuck mentioned that being trustworthy was not a strong suit for either of them, but that they need to practice their duplicity as a team on others, as opposed to on each other.

Chuck's hotel was now booked solid, and he was devising plans for a secret keys-only club. So Blair was forgiven for her tricks...forgiven by Chuck, not Serena. Blair wasn't too happy when Serena sided with Chuck over the liquor-license issue, so Blair saw no problem with using Serena's clients in a raid to gain publicity for Chuck's club. Even though that could have put Serena's job in jeopardy, that didn't matter to Blair. While Blair saw this move as getting even with Serena for siding with Chuck earlier, Serena saw this move as Blair being a bitch. And so begins Blair and Serena's yearly fight.

This episode left us with two new feuds emerging: Eric vs. Jenny and Serena vs. Blair. Whose sides are you taking? Is it easy to choose, or do these battles have shades of gray?

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