Recap Angel: Season 2, Episode 1 - Judgment

Lilah visits Lindsey's office where Darla is enjoying classical music. She talks of how she can feel Angel, and slowly her memory begins to return. Cordelia is at acting class until she gets a "911" message on her beeper and has to leave. Wesley is throwing darts to impress a young woman when he also gets a message on his beeper. The two meet Angel at a gym where they put an end to a demon performing a sacrificial ritual in a room behind one of the gym mirrors. Cordelia has a vision about a Prio Motu demon, and for more information they go to Caritas, a demon karaoke bar and safe haven, to seek out Wesley's demon informant Merl who knows where to find the Prio Motu demon. Lorne is introduced as the Host of the bar, an Anagogic demon who can see into the hearts and read the future of those who sing, but Angel refuses to sing in public, saying its one of three things he never does. Angel finds the Prio Motu demon along with a pregnant woman. He kills the demon, but then the woman, Jo, tearfully informs him that the demon was protecting her and her unborn child. Feeling guilty about killing the demon, Angel tracks down Merl and is informed of the location the Prio demon was living at as well as the importance of the child.

Angel finds Gunn hunting vampires in a bad part of town and asks for help in finding the Prio Motu demon's hideout, which is empty except for a talisman that may be of use. Angel asks Gunn to deliver the talisman to Wesley and Cordelia while he waits for the pregnant woman to return. When she does, Angel offers his help, but she's not eager to accept it as he has done her nothing but harm. Demons attack, and Angel sends Jo to Cordelia's place while he fights them off. Gunn shows up at Cordelia bearing the talisman, followed by Angel. Jo never showed up.

Wesley determines that the talisman identifies a champion for the Tribunal, a mystical organization that offers protection. To get more information, Angel is forced to sing karaoke in front of the Host; he mangles "Mandy". (This is, incidentally, the first indication that Angel is familiar with contemporary American pop culture; throughout his appearances on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, he was consistently depicted as a "cultured" sort, collecting highbrow art and reading centuries-old literature, in direct contrast to thoroughly modern Spike.) The Host tells Angel where the woman's trial will take place. Jo finds herself alone, with no champion and no talisman as the trial begins, and just as the tribunal announces that her life is to be taken, Angel arrives to fight for her, and is able to destroy his demonic opponent. Angel goes to visit Faith, now serving a long prison term, and they talk about redemption and Barry Manilow.

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