Supernatural Season 5, Episode 7: "The Curious Case of Dean Winchester" - Recap

Dean gets older, Bobby has a bit of a breakdown and Sam receives an unwanted present. Who knew losing a simple poker game could have such an unbelievable effect?

First things first: I've never seen The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. There, I said it. I know it received a bunch of Oscar nods including Best Picture and acting nods for both Brad Pitt and Taraji P. Henson. But one thing you have to know about me is that I don't see many movies anymore. I'm a TV person through and through. I do know the gist of the film, however, which is why I have been beyond excited for this episode ever since I heard its title: "The Curious Case of Dean Winchester."

This all new Supernatural starts out with a husband coming home but instead of saying "hi" to his wife, he runs straight upstairs to the bathroom where he starts aging big time. In fact, he ends up dying of old age. Sam and Dean are quickly on the case thanks to a still wheelchair-bound Bobby. The brothers "work" for the CDC (Center of Disease Control) and are checking out the death at the morgue. The victim is really 25-years-old, but looks much older. Sam and Dean then check out a missing persons case where an old woman's husband has disappeared. The Winchesters find him at a hotel in bed with two Asian ladies. Of course, this guy no longer is an old man. In fact, this guy is young and virile and ready to let his wife think he's dead. He explains to Sam and Dean how it all happened: a guy came up to him offering a "special" poker game. Cliff won said poker game and now he's de-aged and looking like he's ready to anchor the local news. Gotta love Dean's "stay classy" line from Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, which, yes, is another film I've never seen. Sam and Dean split up to search for this elusive poker game led by this mysterious Patrick guy. Dean finally finds the right bar and for a crisp cool hundred-dollar bill the bartender lets him know where to go. When Dean walks around back he finds Bobby who has already played and lost.

Dean calls Bobby an idiot for a change. Meanwhile, Bobby's not having it. He says they are "his years to lose." I guess I never thought Bobby would take losing his legs so poorly. I have always thought he was this guy that took things as they came. I know his whole life has changed. And I know this is the absolute wrong time for this to happen to him with the apocalypse the number one priority. I feel bad for the guy that he has to resort to this supernatural poker game to get his life back. But this is Bobby. I know he would give the best advice to Sam and Dean if it happened to one of them. I always thought he would handle things better. But we wouldn't get this awesome situation if he had, would we? Bobby loses 25 years of his life and he's close to death. Dean goes to win those years back from Patrick. Bobby ends up getting those years back, but next thing we know (after a chant and some fiery chips), Dean's something like 30/40 years older and looking a lot like actor Chad Everett (more on him later). Sam gets back to the hotel and he hears someone who doesn't sound like Dean. Out walks this older man, so Sam automatically pulls his gun on this "stranger."

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