Repo Men - Review

There are a lot of people who are going to hate Repo Men. There are even more who are never going to see it just because the marketing and timing of the sci-fi thriller's release is a bit off. And there are still more folks who just aren't going to know what to make of the thing even if they do check it out. But for those of us who have a willingness to indulge a filmmaker who's working both inside and outside of the Hollywood box at the same time -- not to mention who have a strong stomach -- there is much enjoyment to be gained from this repo operation.

Repo is the operative word here, for first-time director Miguel Sapochnik repossesses the conventions of the action film and claims them for his own with a story that simultaneously embraces the genre and rebukes it. Also thrown into the mix is some prognostication about the Health Care system that may not be quite as fanciful as it at first seems, splatter gore aplenty that eventually evolves into a weird sort of eroticism, dark sci-fi twists that would make Charlton Heston proud, and -- oh yeah -- lots of humor.

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