'America's Got Talent': Future Funk gets through with Howie's vote

Which acts are the first four put through to the next round on "America's Got Talent?"

Okay, so I missed the first 8 minutes due to a DVR snafu. I joined the episode just as Nathaniel Kenyon was put through at the expense of Airpocalypse and Sally Cohn, which is pretty spot-on for me.

I love it that this show makes the contestants hang out together in a red-painted broom closet while they jump and down and pretend to like popcorn. Hilarious.

We now have Selena Gomez with "Round and Round." She looks pretty and stuff but the vocals are pretty weak sauce. She also looks like a little girl playing dress up. Sorry, Selena. You do not spin me right round like a record, baby.

The next group is Nick Pike, Kung Fu Heroes and Fighting Gravity. Well, this has to be FG, right? I mean, it's not even a question. And then they get through, which is the right choice. So far I'm 2-for-2 predicting the advancing groups. C'mon Future Funk and the Tap Dancers!

We jump right into the next results with Christina & Ali, Maricar and the Hot Shot Tap Dancers. If you ask me, the tap dancers should advance. But I'd put my money on the singing sisters, who apparently have a disease, which is very sad but doesn't make them sound better as singers. Anyway, the act that goes through is ... Christina and Ali. Ugh. I mean, they are adorable and I would love to cast them in my production of "Annie" or whatever, but they weren't that good last night. Hmmm. Poor tap dancers.

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