Damages Season 3, Episode 8: "I Look Like Frankenstein" Review

Patty's (Glenn Close) confrontation with Jill (Wendy Moniz) lay at the cold-hearted center of this week's Damages episode, "I Look Like Frankenstein." It was a really great, tough scene that demonstrated Patty's wrath. It wasn't clear if Patty was actually concerned for Michael's (Zachary Booth) well-being and thought that he shouldn't be paired up with a woman who was lying to him about her past, or if she was just bitter and vengeful because they had both kept her out of the loop. Either way, the baby that Jill is carrying is Patty's grandchild and it was fascinating to watch Patty dismiss her own family and be willing to just have Jill vanish forever. Even if she thought that Jill was no good for Michael, one would think she'd still want to have something to do with baby. But not only was Patty willing to have nothing to do with the baby, she was willing to do the same to Michael. To, essentially, rob him of his child. This really sets up Michael, in my eyes, as a possible culprit in the entire future car-crash/murder plot. The sad part is that it looks like Jill is seriously considering Patty's "carrot" - a check for two-hundred grand.

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