Burn Notice: Season 3 Review

There's a typical formula to most Burn Notice episodes that we're all familiar with. The opening few minutes deal with the ongoing arc-storyline, usually involving Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) trying to piece together clues in order to gain enough information to take down a Level 5 Boss. The meat of the episode then deals with a "client" who needs Michael's help to get rid of a particular Floridian drug lord or con man, and the last segment dives back into the arc for a little bit. If you're a fan of this framework, then more power to you. But evaluating a series in its third season, one has to look at its evolutionary track. Burn Notice's Season 3 gets some extra points for actually, occasionally, straying from its tried and true formula, but those great episodes also served to make the "business as usual" episodes all the more un-spectacular. Burn has now amassed an amazing back catalog of villains (that they've wisely kept alive) to draw from, but when it doesn't utilize those series' favorites, the show stalls a bit.

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