Recap: "The Hofstadter Isotope"

This week Penny finds romance in a very unlikely place. Meanwhile, Leonard and Howard search for women at a bar during ladies' night.

As usual, the guys are eating in the apartment (this time Thai food) and we hear ever so slight groans from Sheldon. Turns out he is bummed because Thursday is supposed to be Pizza night...not Thai food night. Can you imagine what little Sheldon must have been like? Leonard eventually told Sheldon that it is "Anything can happen Thursday." Staying with the theme of the day, Howard mentioned that Thursday is also ladies' night at a local bar. Howard also does the unthinkable and asks if anyone is familiar with the Drake Equation. Of course, Sheldon can quote it verbatim (and boy does he ever!). With all the factors in place and the group in a consensus, they decided they should scope out the ladies' night bar scene...but quickly after Raj's classic quote "Let's bounce bitches!" they decide to just finish the Thai food and go to the comic book store instead.

The guys leave the apartment and they run into Penny. Sheldon lets her know that it is "Anything can happen Thursday!" and that they are venturing to the comic book store. Penny asked them to pick up "some comics" for her nephew's birthday, but Sheldon is not only offended by her use of the word "comics" but also her choice in the correct superhero comic book. Eventually, she found herself being dragged along (probably to spare her the hallway lecture from Sheldon.)

"Aww, cute, a little store," Penny stated as she entered the comic book store. The stares alone from the patrons could've killed someone after she made that statement. Leonard quickly made Penny aware that "they're more scared of you than you are of them." Penny meets an employee named Stewart and was quickly smitten by him. I was (sort of) shocked by this. Who would've thought that Stewart would be Penny's type? Penny is quoting Star Trek one week, falling for a guy at a comic book store the other. What next, dressing up and going to comic book convention? Maybe a Star Trek wedding? OK, that one may be a little farfetched. One of the funniest scenes of the night was when Sheldon and Leonard looked through the assortment of comic books sitting in a bin. "Got it, got it, got it, got it, got it, got it....." It felt like the scene could have gone on for minutes, but eventually they stumbled upon one they both didn't have, which was the same comic book they had to fight over. It was a very Lady and the Tramp Kind of moment only with a comic book store among friends.

The next day was Chinese food and vintage video game Friday, and the guys were about to enjoy the night when they saw Penny and Stewart leaving to go on their date. (Penny even knew it was Chinese and video game Friday!) Leonard was immediately distracted and jealous over what he saw and asked Howard to "take me to a bar with women." Howard responded, "Really?! OK! Let me step inside and take off my underwear." I wouldn't expect anything else from him.

At the bar, Raj was struggling to order his drink (a grasshopper with a little umbrella, a chocolate martini, and a Brandy Alexander were all unacceptable drinks in Howard's mind), and Howard and Leonard decided to find some women. Howard's plan: Let the lawyers and jocks get their pick, then they can get the leftovers. Leonard's plan: Follow Howard's lead.

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Apr 15, 2009 6:25PM EDT

not a bad recap but you've made a few mistakes.1-they didn't go to ladies night they went the night after on friday2-sheldon and howard were the ones fighting over the comic book

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