Heroes Rundown: "1961" - Featured

Through a series of flashbacks, this episode of Heroes reveals just why Angela Petrelli has her entire family digging up skeletons in the desert. In addition to revealing her connection to Coyote Sands, her flashbacks to her teen years in 1961 also establish how and why the Company was formed, just how involved Mohinder's father was in Project Icarus and why Mama Petrelli was always stealing people's socks! Throw in a few familiar faces (well, names, since the actors are all different), lots of shouting, and a a special ability right out of X-Men, and you've got "1961" in a nutshell. On with the recap!

Diggin' Up Bones

Following Angela's orders to dig for answers, Nathan, Peter, Claire and HRG uncover multiple remains, some complete with jewelry and baseball mitts. Peter and Nathan still haven't worked through their issues, but Claire insists that Nathan is carrying his guilt with him. "He charmed you... it's happened to all of us," Peter snarks. Peter's had enough playing gravedigger and pushes Angela for answers about her sister, the reason she gave for coming to the desert to begin with. Angela reveals that her sister, Alice, her parents and everyone else at Coyote Sands were killed there. And she's hoping to keep history from repeating. Cue the black and white...

Alice in Wonderland

Except in this case, Wonderland was the Coyote Sands Relocation Center in 1961, headed up by Dr. Chandra Suresh. Here, parents bring their children to have their abilities studied and tested, all while watching movies and eating delicious popcorn. Oh, and there are dudes with guns. Suresh assures Angela and kid sister Alice that the guns are for their protection, rather than keeping them imprisoned. Angela comforts a sad Alice by saying that being in this place will help her stop her nightmares... and the screaming. Relieved at that notion, Alice turns the rain into sunshine. That's right, her mood controls the weather.

Soon after they settle in, however, Angela has a nightmare involving Dr. Suresh killing everyone at the facility. Angela tells her friends and even Dr. Suresh, who assures her that her dream was just confusing. But Angela maintains that even though Suresh is a good man, he will lose control. (Sounds like another Suresh we know, eh?)

Company Men

Angela quickly becomes friendly with three young gents: A fellow named Charles Deveaux, a fellow named Daniel Linderman, and a fellow named Bob Bishop. When she tells them about her vision of Suresh, Charles is desperate to escape. "This is a huge science experiment and we're the rats," he says, likening Coyote Sands to a concentration camp. So, Angela forms a plan to bust out, but Charles insists that Alice stay behind. "Make sure she doesn't blow this... lie," he says. She does, promising the little girl with cold feet and no socks that she had a dream of good things ahead.

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