Review: Friday Night Lights - Injury List - Season 4, Episode 11

This was a rough episode of Friday Night Lights, filled with frustrating actions, characters doing things that make you want to yell at the screen, situations that shouldn't be happening at all. But this is Dillon, Texas and there's a world of drama going on even in a town seemingly as mundane as this one. It's not really just about football. It's about life.

How unfair is it that Tami's counseling of Becky -- which was really just her answering her knocking on the door in the middle of the night -- has gotten the principal into so much hot water? We saw the scenes and know that Tami didn't advise Becky to abort her baby, but what did Becky tell Luke's mother that has her on this rampage to blame Tami for what happened? We don't know. Even after Luke pleaded with his mother to leave Coach Taylor's wife alone, she was determined to make Tami pay for what she deemed inappropriate behavior.

But how hypocritical is she that she is more upset with what she thinks Tami did than she is with what Luke actually did? He had unprotected sex with a girl he hardly knew. Mrs. Cafferty should be on his case about that, but he hasn't been reprimanded once for his actions. Seriously.

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