Leona Lewis To Sing Theme From Avatar

Between diving to the bottom of the ocean, designing groundbreaking camera equipment, and making films so complex that they'd give Michael Bay a headache, you'd think that James Cameron wouldn't have room in his life for anything else. But, it turns out, he may well be a closet X-Factor fan.

Why? Because Leona Lewis - the only X-Factor contestant worth a damn (sorry, Alexandra Burke, and don't get us started on Jedward) - will sing the theme song from Cameron's eagerly-awaited sci-fi epic, Avatar.

I See You (Theme From Avatar) will feature on the Avatar soundtrack, due out on December 14, and will probably play out over the closing credits. Which, given all the special effects guys who have to have their names on there, are currently estimated to run at 97 minutes alone.

Of course, this instantly puts Empire in mind of Titanic, when Cameron's composer, James Horner, wrote a song for a multi-octava diva. That was, of course, Celine Dion with her insidious earworm, My Heart Will Go On, which dominated the charts like a warbling behemoth for many moons.

It would appear that Cameron and Horner, who is writing the Avatar score, are aiming for a double whammy. And they could do a lot worse than plump for Lewis. She's, as Derek Zoolander might say, so hot right now, has a HELLUVA voice (underline, italicise, all caps), and seems like a good fit for this, as we're guessing that this will be, like the film, suitably epic. Lots of high Cs, we're saying.

Lewis is shooting the video for the song now, under the auspices of Jake Nava. Will she be going blue for it? We'll find out soon.

But, what with this and Adam Lambert's Time For Miracles on Roland Emmerich's 2012, we hope that this signals the return of a grand old movie tradition that we had thought forever lost: the impossibly grandiose end credits song with emotionally vague titles that (End In Brackets). Welcome back, old bean we missed you.

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