Recap: "Building 26"

This episode of Heroes saw characters use other heroes in order to further their own goals: Claire turns her back on Noah to further her cause, one of Nathan's men stages a breakout to keep the government's support for their project, and Sylar continues his song and dance with his protegee to get more information about his father. Meanwhile, Hiro and Ando play wedding crashers in India. (Rule No. 73 is... oh, wait...) On with the recap!

First, I must acknowledge that this episode seemed more tightly constructed and focused, narrowing in on just a few plots to the betterment of the show. There was (almost) no Peter or Mohinder bogging things down (we'll get to them later) for the majority of the episode, which is a good way to go as far as I'm concerned. Baby steps, folks.

* Luke, I am your mentor

Sylar and his new companion Luke continue their drive across the country until Sylar decides he needs to know exactly where they're headed. When Luke lies to Sylar (twice!), you could almost feel a skull-splitting coming. Alas, Luke, understanding that Sylar wants to meet his dad more than he wants to kill some punk kid, plays his hand well. Luke reminds Sylar that only he has the address and gets further under Sylar's skin when he tells Sylar his father sold him for money. You know, just to keep things interesting when you're riding shotgun with a serial killer. (Unfortunately for Sylar, this whole conversation was caught on a camera, which, naturally, alerted Nathan's manhunt squad to Sylar's location.) Sylar and Luke stop off for a bite to eat a diner, and while Luke gets his jollies by boiling a patron's milk, Sylar takes the chance to teach young Luke some valuable lessons. And thus, we have, the code of Sylar:

1. Always have an objective.

2. Know your end game before you lift your hand.

3. Keep a clear head - emotions make you sloppy.

4. Understand your motivation - always know what you want.

The two seem to bond over this little lesson (Luke gives Sylar the address, foolishly), but Nathan's death squad ruins the fun when they crash the diner. Luke actually serves as a distraction long enough to give Sylar the upper hand and escape with only a few gunshot wounds to the chest. Armed with the address he needs, however, Sylar locks Luke out of the car, leaving him to be tased and nose-tubed. But then, Sylar comes back and kills all the agents, rescuing Luke. Of course, Sylar explains that he only wanted their tracking equipment and that Luke's rescue was consequential. Sure it was, softie.

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