Recap: "Fate Line"

This week on TNT's The Closer, Brenda gained a "psychic friend" when Fritz's sister paid a visit. Meanwhile, Pope threatened to cut the MCD team by one. On with the recap.

A roadside litter crew is working a stretch along the 101 when a discarded cell phone is discovered. The guy who found it brings it to the MCD, because a series of text messages spells out a murder plot - one which appears to have been successfully carried out! But by who, and against whom? Major questions.

In a nice follow-through on last week's storyline, we see that Brenda is still obsessing over "the one that got away," aka Mr. Stroh the killer/serial rapist. Have we not seen the last of that guy? Might he turn up again like a bad penny a la Jason O'Mara's charming arsonist?

Tao prepares the tell-tale texts as a full-screen presentation, and Gabriel and Daniels (awkward alert!) read aloud the parts of boyfriend/killer and adulterous wife. Simply put, the unidentified lovers used disposable cells to hash out the details of the offing, but once the deed was done, the woman dropped her beau. He eventually responded with a bazillion "bitch"es, and went on to threaten, "U R DEAD" - and with no winky emoticon!

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