Recap: "A Person of Interest"

Glowing cupcakes, musical microwaves and singing electrical tape. Has Alison finally lost her marbles? Patricia Arquette makes her directorial debut in the episode of Medium and teaches us a thing or two about willpower and obsession.

While Alison sleeps on the sofa, Joe eats a cupcake, meant for the fundraiser at Bridgette's school, from a sheer lack of willpower. But as he only eats one, I'd say he's got some amazing self-control. I could never stop at one.

Once again Bridgette gets the best lines of the show. Bridgette's new role is the delegating adolescent and is "outsourcing" her chores to Marie: "It's no big deal, everyone's doing it." She also tries to drown Marie's Eggo with about a cup and a half of syrup, perhaps she's trying to get rid of Marie all together.

Alison cold-shoulders Joe in the garage after he comes out there to see what she's up to. She's brought that microwave home and is taking it apart to figure out how it works. A little strange for a woman whose husband is an engineer. Joe just wants to find out why she has such a "fascination with small appliances."

Then she goes out and buys all of the 'fixins' for bomb-making. Joe becomes concerned, as well he should. I loved that he got really angry with her because she was in this sort of dream state where she knew what she was doing, but didn't all at the same time. Joe asked her suspiciously, "What is going on out here?" To which she replied, "I'm sauntering," completely oblivious to what she was actually doing with 20 bags of fertilizer and all the accoutrements to blow up her entire house and probably half of her block. I felt really bad that she was so compelled to recreate these urges she was having and was unaware of the dangers they posed.

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