Bad Girls Club Recap: ''Bad Break'' Season 4 Episode 8

This episode is completely and utterly the stuff of which all Bad Girls are made. Flo limps around cursing Amber for her newfound lack of mobility and Kendra watches on with a smirk. Amber put it so eloquently put it: She did not intend to hurt Flo and Flo very intentionally threw her across the patio by her hair. Yet, Amber's bruises have healed and Flo will be in a boot for the remainder of the season. Pretty solid revenge if you ask me. Flo and Natalie get back to their wicked ways and douse Kate's bed with itching powder which, when confronted, Natalie takes zero responsibility for, per usual. Kate figures out pretty quickly that pranksters are actually to blame, whereas if I had been in this situation, I probably would have just assumed that I was starting to physically become allergic to drama but that's just me.

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