Recap: "Chuck Versus the Suburbs"

It's time for Chuck to venture into the deep, dark, scary...suburbs!? How bad can that be? If we know Chuck and the missions, there are certainly going to be a few obstacles along the way. So jump in your minivan and let's see what this California subdivision is all about.

As we see an unknown man being "clockwork oranged" - strapped to a chair in what looks like a laboratory - Sarah and Chuck uncomfortably dance around making Valentine's Day plans.

At Buy More the Valentine's Day sale is in full swing, except Big Mike is taking his frustrations out on everyone. It turns out he's getting divorced from his wife who served papers to him on Valentine's Day. Thrown into the mix is an unusually sweet Emmett Milbarge who dons a new 'do (more like a hairpiece) and has baked cupcakes.

Cut to Casey and General Beckman as she delivers their next mission - venture into the deep, dark, scary suburbs to uncover a sleeper cell that left former agent Yeager incapacitated. Sarah and Chuck must pose as a married couple.

Chuck, driving his Saab wagon, pulls into his driveway. Kudos to David Byrne and Talking Heads for bringing a little montage hipness to the uniformity of the suburbs. Chuck enters his new house and sees his life in photos - wedding, vacation, and even a dog. It looks like Sarah, mixing about 50 pounds of potato salad, has invited the neighbors. Jenny McCarthy enters ("Fever" playing in the background) with her cougar claws sharpened for her next conquest: Chuck.

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