Recap: February 16, 2009

In this episode of The Bachelor, the last one before the finale in two weeks, Jason and the three remaining contestants travel to New Zealand. Raising the stakes, somewhat, Jason has the option of inviting each woman to stay with him in a "fantasy suite." As always, I'll be recapping the episode with the help of my lovely fiance, who shares my opinion that Melissa has this whole thing in the bag - and also my disappointment that we won't see the much-promoted return of Deanna Pappas, who broke Jason's heart on The Bachelorette, until the finale.

The episode begins with Jason and Jillian flying in a helicopter over some gorgeous snowcapped mountains in New Zealand. He calls her "Jill" now. Jason sets up a little picnic for them on a mountain overlooking a crystalline blue lake, and Jillian says she can't imagine a better place to fall in love, and that she and Jason could be best friends, just like her grandparents are.

Fiance and I: AlarmAlarmAlarm

Jason says he really likes "Jill" but is "looking for... a passionate connection too."

Fiance: He's facing the same situation as every man. There's one woman you want to boink and one you want to marry. It's the classic battle of heart versus weiner.

Me: So Jillian's heart and Melissa's wiener? What's Molly?

Fiance: Molly's a hot fudge sundae. It tastes good at first and then makes you sick.

Jason and Jillian sip wine in front of a roaring fire. Her hair looks awesome. He asks her how she feels about their date that day and she mentions: a) the scenery b) the helicopter ride c) the picnic and finally d) the conversation with Jason.

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