Episode Recap: "Darnell Outed, Part 2"

Last week's episode left us hanging when Darnell's (Eddie Steeples) cover was blown and he, Joy (Jaime Pressly), and the kids had to flee with the help of the government. This week, while Earl (Jason Lee) and Randy (Ethan Suplee) try to find their friends, they find themselves having to keep a careful watch on karma.

After a quick customary rehash of last episode, we find Joy and Darnell in the hands of the Witness Protection Program, apparently in a bunker located beneath the National Mall. The entire family needs to complete a crash course in order to undertake their new identities - a Jewish family from Columbus, Ohio named the Rosensteins. Who would've guessed that Joy had other plans? She immediately begins coming up with her own alternate identity - Goldilocks Cristal (like Diddy drinks). However, they won't let her change a "mouse-fartin' thing." After getting an extreme makeover (or should I say make-under), Joy seems just about ready to call it quits. But after overhearing how Darnell was supposed to leave Camden long ago but stuck around for her, she decides to go for it. She sets to work learning Hebrew, facts about her fake background and Ohio, and her new occupation - dressing dogs.

Meanwhile, Earl and Randy are trying to find a way to locate their friends. Armed with the knowledge that the Turners' mail is being forwarded and with Catalina's (Nadine Velazquez) expertise in "alternative transportation," they load themselves up in a crate and mail themselves to the trailer. While suffering through the long ride, they find themselves doing things like eating crickets to survive - things that are reminiscent of Joy's Fear Factor audition tape. Earl is more-or-less immediately suspicious of karma and knows he has to finish crossing Joy off of the list. His opportunity arrives when they end up in a Dumpster filled with all of the Turners' other mail. One letter is from Estrada Or Nada informing Joy that she is in the running to guest on the show if she wins a viewer vote via text message (and sends a check for $50 made out to Erik Estrada).

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