Andy Serkis on THE HOBBIT Start Date

Gollum's long climb back to the big screen will begin a bit later than we first thought. The Hobbit's co-star Andy Serkis tells Collider, 'That's probably not looking like it's gonna happen till the end of the year-ish. ' He continues, 'That's the latest I've heard, but I mean, you know, there's no 'You know, it's a bit of a movable feast at the moment, really.'

Serkis said he is 'very excited' about reprising his role of Gollum from The Lord Of The Rings trilogy. However, when asked if cameras would start rolling in December, he said, 'I think it's sort of towards the back-end of this year. I really, people keep asking me. I'm really ashamed to say, I'm probably no better off than you are, because dates keep changing and all the rest of it. Sorry I can't give you any hot tips there. (Laughs).'

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