Episode Recap: "Criss Angel is a Douchebag"

This awesomely titled episode managed to entertain and depress all at the same time. The hour featured some great guest stars; signaled the return of Ruby for the first time in 2009; and served us a nice side dish of Sam angst. But the lesson I really learned is that characters on a network TV show can say douche eight times in one hour. Who knew?

Disclaimer: I apologize now for the rampant use of the word "douche."

Seriously, there were all these things that happened, and I was busy keeping a tally of how many times "douche" was used. It was distracting in such a good way. I don't know why but I couldn't get enough of them using it. In fact, I liked it better than another D-word they've been using a lot this season. By the way, if we're keeping score, Ruby used that word in this episode as well.

OK, moving on to the brothers. How much did I love finding out something I never knew about Sam? Since Season 2, we have known the tall guy hates clowns. He did when he was a child. He still does. So who knew he loved magic? After all, he knew the name of that tool magician with the cameras (Jeb Dexter).

It was nice to get an extended conversation between the boys in the middle of the episode, even if it was about growing old in the family business. I almost had flashbacks to Season 1's "Shadow" when Sam told Dean he wasn't going to live this life forever. I guess I had been used to Sammy telling Dean (and subsequently us), that he was in this life for good; there wasn't any going back for them; it was kind of shocking to hear him actually say he didn't want to be doing this when he was an old man. I totally understood where he was coming from. It's a hard life. He has experienced a lot of tragedy. At a certain point it's logical to want all the blood and the battling to be over. And then on the flip side was Dean who's pretty much resigned to dying young. It made me feel like we've sort of come full circle, and the end result is that they're still on different paths. This was all heartbreaking to me.

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