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Moonlight Coming to SciFi - Featured

Here's your second piece of Moonlight news in 2 days (the first being its complete series release on DVD):

The series is coming to the SciFi channel Fridays at 9PM (before Battlestar Galactica). The network will be showing the entire series, with one new episode airing each week.


Source: USA Today


| 13:47 EST, 27 Jan, 2009
Moonlight is a realy great show. Who wouldn't want a good vampire on their side, if they were real. It would be great if scifi could bring it back with new episodes.
| 15:42 EST, 23 Jan, 2009
I miss moonlight now when twilight vampire theme is so popular it could work it out .....
| 16:25 EST, 22 Jan, 2009
Sorry new episodes...they are just reairing the 16 original ones.
| 16:23 EST, 22 Jan, 2009
How many new episode are there?
| 02:53 EST, 21 Jan, 2009
well the first two episodes seem cheesy but then the characters develop and it gets more in-depth as the series progresses and begins to get much better until the last episode which is absolutely brilliant. I enjoyed it alot not quiet like true blood but more emotional a lot more believable lets say what would happen if there were actually vampires. I strongly suggest it and am so upset that the show was cancelled, lets hope SCI FI bring it back with original actors plus Alex O Loughlin is supa dreamy
| 18:52 EST, 20 Jan, 2009
I didn't get into this when it was on, but I feel like I should with all the popularity when it was on and the heartbreak at its cancellation! What would you fans compare it to for possible new fans like myself?

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