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Weeds returned for its 5th season premiere last night with an episode titled "Wonderful, Wonderful".

But frankly, it wasn't so wonderful for me.

My main complaint...where was the funny? The only time that I laughed for the entire episode was the 30 second scene where Sanjay (Maulik Pancholy, the perpetual scene stealer...on 30 Rock as well as Jonathan) detailed to Roy Till how hot the man with the beard was. Beyond that, this premiere was kind of...depressing.

While on one hand it makes sense that Nancy's increasingly dangerous behavior over the last season of the show would finally have some form of repercussions, the show seems to have forgotten that it's a comedy.

Even normal sources of comic relief Doug and Andy didn't have much going on; Doug had no laugh out loud one-liners for me last night. I also didn't care for the Celia story-line, as it seemed like a recycling of last season's plotline where she was in jail and nobody cared enough to bail her out. But...while it was funny when nobody wanted to bail her out of jail, I found it less funny that nobody seemed to care when she was potentially in mortal peril. What's more, I've found that Celia as a character, like many of the other characters on the show, has just gotten too absurd.

Also upsetting - Shane beginning to go down a path of juvenile delinquency. Again, I guess this makes sense, what with the example that his mother has been setting, but I found the development not particularly funny. Finally, least funny of all, was the impending sense of doom for Nancy's character, who seemed on the verge of tears for the entire episode.

What did you guys think of the Weeds premiere? Did you experience laughs that I somehow missed?

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Default avatar cat
Jun 9, 2009 6:22PM EDT

firstly: would you like some cheese with that whine?
secondly: that celia-story was funny as hell: "Celia Hodes can suck my balls. Tell her I said 'hi'."
thirdly: shane's gotten tall! and his voice sounds ridiculous.

Jun 9, 2009 6:44PM EDT

lame and depressing, Celia kind of funny but in with the rest of it it just makes you feel bad, they need to get back to some nice lighthearted weed growing

Jun 9, 2009 6:46PM EDT

The only part I thought was funny was the Celia part. I definitely agree that the comedy was pretty much absent.

Default avatar cat
Jun 9, 2009 8:49PM EDT

weeds has been going down hill especially since last season. personally i think the show made a big mistake when they burned her house down. I mean it made for a good season 3 finale. (It was season three finale right?) but after that they just had no idea where they were going to go with the show and sadly it shows. Now it has been moved to fridays on showtime and I doubt it will be renewed for a sixth season. GOOD! let it go out with some semblance of what it once was.

Default avatar cat
Jun 9, 2009 9:23PM EDT

Hahaha. I liked it, I think it was good.I thought there where quite a few funny parts. Weeds still remains one of my favorite shows.
P.S.-thetravellerjohn21... After season 4, weeds was renewed for two more 13 episode seasons. Which means it's already been renewed for it's sixth season.

Default avatar cat
Jun 10, 2009 12:23AM EDT

Meh. Not so impressed. Had this been my first time watching, I wouldn't be coming back. But since I've seen all of the episodes... I'm willing to give it some time, remembering how awesome it once was, to be great once again. But I have my doubts. My comment after watching it was, " I'm not sure I really like Weeds anymore". Sure, I'm glad Nancy is FINALLY seeing some consequences for her actions, but this is just... blech. It was cute when she was the soccer mom pot lady. Not cute when she's the slutty slutbag who puts them all in mortal danger by fucking drug and gun running people over kind of slut.

Default avatar cat
Jun 10, 2009 6:26AM EDT

LOL Nice start to a new season. It was hilarious how people kept getting phone calls for Celia's ransom throughout the episode. I liked how the guy just gave up at and ended up hanging up on Andy. And the look on Nancy's face when Andy told her about the marks on Doug's neck was priceless. Anyways if anyone missed last nights episode you can watch it online for free here...
<a href="

Default avatar cat
Jun 10, 2009 6:26AM EDT

Sorry messed the link up :(

Default avatar cat
Jun 15, 2009 12:57PM EDT

this particular episode wasnt that impressive but i'll definitely be tuning in all summer b/c I know weeds is to good to go to shit

Default avatar cat
Jun 15, 2009 7:53PM EDT

Ah i saw sanjay last weekend in New York and almost died! he does steal all the scenes. haha

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