THE LEAGUE ''The Marathon'' Review Season 2, Episode 5

Well done THE LEAGUE - you have grown into a fine comedy during this season and are no longer just a silly gag on dude bros preoccupation with sports they no longer play. The league has a new member since they lost Rafi to his indiscretions last week with Russell and Katie is now no longer just helping Kevin with his team. She wants to make sure that she can hang with the boys, as well as that rivaling her husband in the league will not interfere with their home life. To edge out his friends once again, Andre is training to run the marathon and Pete wants to prove that he can't really do whatever he wants to do, so he bets him he will run the marathon too. And in running news, Ruxin is dealing with a marathoner at work, a Notary who basically helps him do his job, who holds the workplace hostage with her charitable marathon running. And coming from corporate experience, I can't help but agree with Ruxin when he said that the only thing worse than running a marathon is running a marathon to raise money.

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