The New Odd Couple:Eric McCormack & Tom Cavanagh

"Will & Grace" star Eric McCormack and "Ed"'s Thomas Cavanagh are the new odd couple on TNT's "Trust Me."

"It's like George Clooney and Anthony Edwards in the first season of 'ER.'" Eric tells ET. "I am the one with the weight of the world on my shoulders…"

"…and I am George Clooney," Tom interrupts.

Their banter carries over to the series and the two men joke they have great chemistry because they are both Canadians.

"We knew each other," Tom says. "Obviously, he was the star of all the upfronts at NBC [during his time on 'Will & Grace'], and our paths had crossed. This is the first time that we had really spent any significant time together."

"I remember the first time we rehearsed," Eric adds. "We literally had not met until the day we rehearsed the day before we started to shoot, and we did one of the scenes from the pilot together. Off the cuff, Tom threw some stuff in. I threw it back at him ... everyone seemed very, very pleased. It was one of those sort of 'Please let this work,' and it was absolutely just a great chemistry."

"Trust Me" is the new series from the producers of "The Closer" set in a large Chicago advertising agency, but focusing on the relationship between two best friends, who also happen to be a successful creative team. That said, Eric makes it clear that his show is a lot different than "Mad Men." And that once people see it, they will never confuse the two.

"Trust Me," which also stars Monica Potter, premieres Monday, January 26 at 10 p.m. on TNT.

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