Star Wars: The Clone Wars - "The Mandalore Plot" Review Season 2, Episode 12

The Clone Wars fully "went there" in this episode, delving into one of the most popular and fan driven corners of Star Wars - the Mandalorians. The interest in Mandalorians is an offshoot of the intense fandom that surrounded Boba Fett of course, and while Boba himself didn't appear (yet?), we got our first look at the society that gave the Fetts their iconic armor.

Now I should note that I haven't kept up with almost any Star Wars expanded universe (novels, comics) stories in years, so I haven no idea how much this episode contradicted or did not contradict other depictions of Mandalore. But I really liked how we were told that Mandalore was part of the Council of Neutral Systems - as we discovered that in a vast galaxy comprised of many planets, not every single one would automatically side with either the Republic or Separatists in the Clone Wars. It's a good addition to the overall mythos of the show and one that makes sense.

But while Mandalore was a peaceful system now, their history was one of violence and war - an ideology still upheld by the Death Watch (yes, I'm aware the Death Watch come from the EU). Led by Pre Vizsla (voiced by Jon Favreau), their plan was to get the public to rally to their side after a military presence on the planet would turn them against the Republic and towards Death Watch (and beyond them, the Separatists). Though I'm not sure if all of this plan added up... After all, we saw the Death Watch bomb innocent Mandalorian people in this episode - not a move I think would endear them to anyone on Mandalore, no matter what they thought about the Republic.

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