'Persons Unknown' - 'The Truth' Recap Episode 6

OK, so I missed the first five minutes of tonight's episode (damn move to Saturdays!). Can one of you fine readers explain why the private eye was helping Mark and Kat get to the airport and get on a plane to Italy? Did he have a change of heart? Is there another motive for getting them there? Or am I misreading the scene entirely?

Regardless, I can honestly say that this show is one of the short-run shows that I am completely hooked on. Where I got tired of shows like 'Happy Town' and 'Harper's Island,' I'm sticking with this all the way.

I was thinking of how much of a different show this would be if it wasn't created as a 13 episode series. Imagine if it was a multi-season mystery, like 'Lost' or 'Alias.' We wouldn't be getting as many answers as we've been getting in this show. What we found out tonight would have been revealed in episode 6 of season 3. So let's hear it for short-run shows. We're getting a lot of answers.

We're also seeing character changes and reveals. Just when you thought Joe wouldn't be discovered as being in on the entire plot, in this episode everyone found out he is. And just when you thought Erika was going to turn out to be the tough ex-prisoner who really has a heart of gold we find out that she's in love with Janet and actually poisons Joe with anti-freeze because she's jealous (and she wants to find out if he knows anything). That isn't the way most shows would have gone, even in a short season.

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