Review: 'The Big Bang Theory' - 'The Large Hadron Collision' Season 3, Episode 15

I'm pinch-hitting for Kona this week due to technical difficulties at the Gallagher homestead. Not sure if I can be the quote machine she is, but you can always add your favorite quotes from the episode into the comments.

You know, I've never been one to take Sheldon's side a lot of the time. As much as I love the character and how Jim Parsons plays him, the fact that a guy who's such a pill can have four people in his life who like him and tolerate his weird, Aspberger-like selfishness should be enough for me to connect to as a viewer. Most of the time, when Sheldon is wreaking havoc over his friends' lives, I'm usually feeling bad for whoever it is -- usually Leonard -- that's getting the brunt of Sheldon's utter Sheldonness.

But this week, I was on Team Sheldon. Why? Because Leonard knows Sheldon would appreciate a trip to the CERN super collider a whole lot more than Penny would, even if the lure of Penny in a snow bunny outfit is a strong one to resist.

Forget the ever-present Roommate Agreement for a second. Sheldon's a physicist. To him, the CERN super collider is akin to a baseball fan visiting Wrigley Field; a near-religious experience that may just give a person new insight. For Leonard to deny him that just because it's Valentine's Day and he wants to get laid is kinda douchey on Leonard's part, image of Snow Penny notwithstanding.

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