'Doctor Who' - 'The Pandorica Opens' Recap Season 5, Episode 12

Tonight's episode accomplished something pretty major for Matt Smith's incarnation of the Doctor. I won't go into what until after the jump for fear that the Spoiler Police will clap me in irons, but the image along with this article is a pretty big clue.

This episode highlighted one of Moffat's greatest strengths as a writer: the ability to weave an interconnected story using plot points that viewers would dismiss as unimportant. As with RTD before him, the penultimate episode of the season brings together all the hints we've seen before and the last episode will be their resolution.

It must be a logistical nightmare to have an episode that occurs after the end of the universe like the next in the series, but 'Doctor Who' has done it before and it's the sort of thing Moffat excels at. It's one of the reasons I love this show.

The Doctor's enemies have had alliances before, but never to this degree. Everyone seemed represented except for the renegade Time Lords he has fought (most notably the Master. Where was he? Perhaps he was the voice. But I digress ... ). It should be no surprise that all of them have developed technology to communicate through time and space via the cracks. The Pandorica itself was presumably set up by the Cybermen with instructional help from the other races. Apparently the only reason we didn't see many of those other races mentioned by the Doctor was the limitations of the BBC wardrobe department (it would have been nice to see the Chelonians).

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