LIE TO ME ''Exposed'' Review Season 2, Episode 20

In this episode of LIE TO ME, called Exposed, Foster's boyfriend (who is with the DEA) gets kidnapped. The leader of the kidnappers wants information on who killed his father. Cal convinces them to hire him so that he can read Burns to get the information they want instead of beating it out Burns. When Foster goes along as well, Cal decides that their only shot at survival is to pit the kidnappers against each other. Then he and Burns play a very dangerous game of who can tell the biggest lie.

Meanwhile back at the office, Reynolds questions Burns partner, who's been seen around him a lot lately looking very suspicious. Turns out she had orders to kill the dead man, but found that she couldn't when she started to develop actual feelings for him. Oh and the guy also knocked her up, as Cal so eloquently put it at one point. Burns did what she could not and though Cal figures that out, he keeps up the charade to keep all of them alive until Reynolds and his team finds them.

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