'24' - '1:00 AM - 2:00 AM' Recap 00

This episode hat it all - action, suspense, tension, and dead bodies on parade. The plot is really heating up now that Jack is "all in" and motivated to stop the terrorists from detonating their "dirty bomb."

But saving New York City from a radiological nightmare isn't the only thing motivating Jack to nab the baddies. The man is smitten. He wants to keep Renee safe and sound and free from government prosecution. I guess everyone needs some personal motivation, right?

Take Samir and the IRK terrorists, for instance. Detonating the bomb would be a huge win for them. Not only will they demolish NYC and leave the area uninhabitable for 40 years, but they'll also plunge the US into a war with Kamistan, successfully thwarting Hasan's peace negotiations.

I was glad to see Hasan dig himself out of the paranoia-induced hole he'd been living in for the last few episodes and agree to hand over the security files to the CTU. The threat of war and the capture of his brother finally compelled him to start thinking like the progressive leader we met many hours ago. Hasan seems to be moving in the right direction now, but his paranoia trip might cost him his daughter.

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