'Haven' - 'Butterfly' Recap Episode 2

'Haven's' tepid brew of supernatural weirdness and case-of-the-week procedural plotting isn't really doing it for me. So far, things only get interesting when it seems like some restrained dark element is about to rise to surface and shatter the show's vanilla vibe to pieces. But that hasn't happened yet and, judging by the show's bland tone, I'm not convinced that it will ever happen at all.

Last week's series premiere introduced us to Audrey Parker, a smart, sassy and determined FBI agent who found herself in the middle of a strange town full of kooky characters and secrets. Parker is a fun character to watch onscreen, and a lot of that has to do with Emily Rose's great performance. But she can't carry the show all by herself, and she shouldn't have to.

There's a lot of crazy stuff happening in the town of Haven -- stuff that should be interesting, compelling and maybe even a little scary. People can control the weather with their moods, a boy's nightmares manifest themselves in the real world, and the Earth sometimes opens up and knocks cars off the highway. But none of it really resonates. There's no real suspense here, and the stakes seem pretty low. The main things holding the show together so far are Rose's strong lead performance and the hope that the overarching mystery might pay off in a big way down the line.

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