Dexter Season 4, Episode 11: "Hello, Dexter Morgan" - Recap

With Miami Metro closer than ever to learning the identity of Trinity, Dexter desperately tries to lead the cops astray so he can keep his secret life under wraps and kill of Arthur Mitchell himself. Meanwhile, Laguerta and Batista have more to worry about than finding the killer.

Dexter Creates a New Identity for Trinity

Dexter looks up suspects from Lundy's books and finds a criminal named Stan Beaudry who also fits Trinity's profile. Dexter heads to Trinity's house to gather key evidence (hair, toothbrush, murder weapon) to plant at Beaudry's home. He then follows Beaudry to a truck stop and makes a quick kill in the back of his truck. Once Beaudry is out of the picture, Dexter plants all of the appropriate evidence throughout his place.

Trinity Grows Suspicious

Trinity sees that the boy he abducted was returned to his family with no word as to how or why. He calls Dexter and asks, "What kind of man witnesses a child abduction and doesn't call the police?" Dex is able to think on his toes and pretends his motivation is blackmail: He wants 50 grand, or he'll tell the world that Arthur Miller is a pedophile. Trinity seems to take the bait, but also takes matters into his own hands by looking up all the Kyle Butlers listed in the phone book.

He tries to break into the home of one of the Kyle Butlers, but winds up getting caught when he comes home. Trinity tries to leave peacefully, but when Kyle keeps pushing, he winds up dead in his home - and Dexter is called in to investigate the crime scene.

As soon as Dexter hears the victim's name is Kyle Butler, he immediately gets a wave of guilt. "Another death of an innocent man that I'm responsible for." Dexter's code really went out the window this season. Trying to get a step ahead of Trinity, Dexter goes to the home of the next listed Kyle Butler, sedates him and waits for Trinity. Unfortunately, he shows up, but never enters the apartment.

Dexter receives a call from Trinity saying he's at Kyle's listed address - and it just so happens to be Johnny's Jet Skis. "They're fun, you should try one," Dexter says in a deadpan tone. Ha.

When Trinity calls again to tell Dexter he finally managed to get the money together, they agree on a meeting place for the drop off. But Dexter, who heard arcade music in the background of the call, rushes to the arcade to find Trinity before he finds another boy to start his cycle. But the joke's on Dexter, because Trinity wanted Dexter to try to come find him at the arcade. Now Trinity can follow him and find out who he really is.

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