LOUIE ''Gym'' Review

In the first half of the finale ‘Gym’, Louie is confronted and affected by what he sees in the mirror. Louis C.K.’s appearance and overall lack of health have been a major focus of his stand up for years. ‘Gym’ gives us another chance to learn that as we get older eating healthier isn’t just an option, its a must. Beyond wanting to be considered attractive to the female species, Louie just wants to be able to keep up with his kids – both common issues to anyone past the age of 30. He fantasizes about having sex with a local newswoman, and then chats about that with his buddy on the phone, which is something rarely bragged about by young, hip dudes. Settling has become a part of Louie’s life, which might not be incredibly true about the actual Louis, but there is something to be said about that moment in your life when you know your best days are behind you. A common theme for Louie, it’s perfectly executed with the workout scene featuring Bobby Canevale, a fellow parent in his kid’s school, where he huffs and puffs two minutes into the exercise. Immediately struck with how out of shape he actually is, Louie freaks out and gets sent to the hospital, setting up another guest appearance from Ricky Gervais as his doctor. See he told you he wasn’t fit!

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