LOUIE ''Night Out'' Review

In Night Out Louie is confronted with the realization that he is no longer just a single man on the prowl, and one that comes along with baggage. After being dumped by a single mother in the middle of their first date for having children, Louie wonders when that will just be enough. And as any human can tell you, it never will be. When Louie is confronted by his babysitter about his lack of social life depressing her, he runs out and tries to find fun. When it can’t be provided by his local comedian buddies, he sets his sights on a younger, more “urban” crowd of black comedians thinking they will bring him fun, and ultimately young attractive lades. But as you get older, and you either get mature or boring, your idea of a fantastic night out evolves. Or shall we say devolves? At one time a night full of crawls from one loud dive bar to the next seemed like perfection, but as you get older it turns into an annoying feat. Why is the music so loud? Louie confronted with the brutal truth that he is more terrifying to the youngsters in the bar than they are to him, heads out and does what comes best to him - stand up. Ironically, his set is all about his masturbation prowess, subconsciously poking fun at what stand up comedy tends to be. He seems rejuvenated, which many stand up comedians can attest to, and heads home. His kids are woken up by their babysitter leaving ask him to grab breakfast and he happily obliges them at 4AM.

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