'Big Brother 12' - 'Power of Veto #3' Recap

It's becoming evident that they never did come up with a Plan B for when the saboteur got evicted from the 'Big Brother' house. All around the Internet, fans are coming down on the casting for this season. While some might enjoy the Brenchal sordid showmance, this is unquestionably the most boring cast in the history of the show.

There. I said it. Nonetheless, I keep watching. If nothing else, perhaps I can revel in the stupidity of hamsters. If their actions, decisions and words can be mocked, all is not lost. And, if we get some excitement in the weeks ahead, we can consider it an added bonus. But for now, we must mock. They've certainly given us enough fodder for it.

What can I say about Andrew? You want to give him some sympathy, you want to like him. Then he goes outright odd on us. Now, I understand that being a Have Not and on the block is a stressful situation. But what the heck was with that extended super groan, the never-ending groan of all history, when he found out that Rachel put peaches in the iced tea? I doubt she did it maliciously. I don't think that she could think ahead to sabotage it and, what reason would she really have? None. Andrew just tends to get in these "I'm being persecuted" and "anything that can go wrong, will" moods. He might be right, but his overboard reactions could very well do him in.

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