Episode Recap: "The Lie"

So I think "Because You Left" did a good job at setting the scene for what's to come this season. I'm relieved that, thus far, the off-island action is as exciting as the on-island scenes because I was worried that "Lost-in-L.A." might not be as compelling.


We see the Oceanic 6 - and Frank - agree to Jack's cover story to protect the castaways left behind. Hurley is the only holdout, as he doesn't like to lie, but begrudgingly gives in, although not before telling Jack basically that he's dead to him.


Kate and Aaron are on the run. She begins to call Jack, but thinks better of it, just as her phone rings. She agrees to meet someone in a half-hour. That someone is Sun, who says she's in L.A. for a few days on business. Once they get the "aren't babies precious?" chit-chat out of the way, Kate tells Sun about the men who visited her. Sun sizes up the sitch, and tells Kate that they're not interested in exposing her secret, otherwise they just would have. She then says a lot of stuff about being a fierce, protective mother and making difficult choices, as Kate did when she pushed Sun on the helicopter just before the freighter blew up. Sun doesn't blame Kate for Jin's death. "If you hadn't done what you did, we probably all would have died instead of just my husband," she says evenly. "How's Jack?" Sun asks, and the scene ends on Kate's "It's Complicated Facebook update" facial expression.

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