CSI: NY ''Unfriendly Chat'' Review Season 7, Episode 2

CSI: NY's second episode Unfriendly Chat of its seventh season started off with Adam admiring an online dancer. As they being chatting he asks for her name. If I told you my name, I'm afraid I'd have to kill- at that a man in a mask attacks her and chokes her with a cord.

He calls the team back into the lab to try and find them. Trouble is, they don't know who the killer is, who the victim is or where she was killed. And Adam is suffering from shock and needs Jo's help. She uses some psychology to help him remember by getting him to think of his first kiss. Eventually, with Hawkes'' help on the computers, they're able to trace her location to New York. Yes, it is very convenient. But it was a new way to find a victim so I'm not too irritated.

Lindsay and Danny investigate the crime scene and soon realize that the victim's laptop is missing. They determine that the locks were so old anyone could pick them, and with her music up way too loud she would not have heard it. Residue of earphones leads them to her old professor, whom her boyfriend threatened when he failed her after she turned in a fluffy piece of pop music but allegedly used the melody in his thesis.

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