Smallville Episode Recap: "Escape" Season 9, Episode 15

mallville returns with a screaming-good new episode. Lois and Clark's romantic getaway at a bed and breakfast is interrupted by the arrival of the Silver Banshee, the vengeful spirit of a fallen Gaelic heroine who is accidentally released from the underworld. To top it off, Chloe and Oliver happen to be staying at the B&B as well. Meanwhile, Tess and Zod have a showdown.

The episode opens on Chloe helping Clark clean the streets of Metropolis before he heads on his two-day vacation with Lois. (Nice little reference to John Jones here as Clark says he'll be leaving the city in his hands.) Clark swings by the Daily Planet to pick up Lois, who is packed for all occasions just in case, and they head up to the McDougal Inn, a Scottish bed-and breakfast in the country.

Surprise, surprise -- Chloe and Oliver are already there, checking in under the name Green. (heh) Unfortunately for Lois and Clark, C&O took the last non-leaking room. While Lois wants to boot the Greens, Clark heads up to their leaky suite to try to repair the damages.

In the lobby, Lois accidentally scratches the painting of an elder McDougal who had betrayed his sister, stole her castle and killed her. Lois then learns the tale of how Siobhan McDougal asked to return from the underworld, but in exchange she has to kill any man who crosses her path. Isn't it lucky that Lois accidentally released Siobhan by scratching that painting and she now inhabits the body of an innocent, albeit kind of slutty bystander?

Meanwhile, Clark prepares the room for Lois, while she nervously looks on. It's clear this is their first time in bed together, and they're both nervous. Before they even get a chance to kiss, a wail comes from outside the bed-and-breakfast: The Silver Banshee has returned.

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