Recap The 4400: Season 3, Episode 7 - The Home Front

At an undisclosed location Tom and Diana prepare to raid a house in the hopes of capturing Gary Navarro, who they believe to be the last member of Nova Group, entering they discover the house empty, however they discover food still boiling with Diana stating to Tom “somebody must have tipped him off”.

At the 4400 Center Isabelle and Shawn kiss and he breaks away purposefully from her. While Shawn and Isabelle are talking, Devon interrupts them telling him that he has a visitor. Shawn discovers it is Nikki who has come to visit him. She tells him that her father has become ill with cancer in his pancreas. At the 4400 Center’s school Alana is detained by two Pentagon employees under suspicion that she is a member of the Nova Group.

Tom and Diana visit Dennis Ryland at the Haspel Corporation in regard to Alana being arrested by Dennis’ “people”. After Tom and Diana leave, Dennis visits a medical room in which Isabelle Tyler is having tests performed on her.

Heather Tobey visits Tom at night time in regard to Alana after Tom and Diana had visited her earlier that day. Heather tells Tom that Alana had access to her office and her telephone, which had been used to notify Gary Navarro of NTAC's imminent arrival. The following day Tom collects Alana from NTAC custody. Driving down the highway Tom questions Alana as to who she gave Heather’s key to, Alana reveals to Tom that she gave it to no one, she notified Gary.

As Shawn puts his jacket down after entering his apartment he discovers Isabelle, unannounced, inside and seated at his table. Isabelle tells Shawn that she came to talk to him about Nikki; she states that she has a feeling that if he and Nikki “hook-up” things will not end well.

Tom visits Alana who is now in detention again after giving herself up to Ryland; Tom secretly gives Alana messages via usage of a notebook while pretending to be trying to get Alana to cooperate. Alana asks Tom to do her a favor which Tom later reveals to Diana stating that he believes she was telling him how to get in contact with Gary Navarro. Using the knowledge gained from Alana, Tom and Diana attend an aquarium, after waiting for two hours they notice Gary waiting on the lower floor, a chase ensues when Gary notices Tom and Diana. Later after successfully capturing Gary, Tom tells him of his plan to trade him for Alana.

While driving Gary to the exchange point where Dennis is meeting them, Gary gives Diana a set of keys, he reveals to her that inside is eight letters. Diana figures that they are to the families of the 4400s Gary helped the NSA with, with Gary stating that the least he can do, “the only thing”, is give the families a sense of closure. Arriving, on a bridge, Dennis gets out of a four-wheel drive and opens the door for Alana. They exchange Gary for Alana successfully; Diana states that she has a weird feeling in her stomach with Alana replying “It’s not easy to sentence a man to death.”

Tom and Diana chase after Ryland’s car in the hopes of freeing Gary. Successfully running his vehicle off the road they leave with Alana and Gary after holding Ryland and his men at gun point. Late that evening Diana gives Gary an amount of money and two IDs. Gary and Alana depart for the Canadian border with Tom telling her that they will find a way to bring them back.

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