Recap The 4400: Season 3, Episode 8 - Blink

As Tom checks his postal mail outside a delivery man drives up outside, he gives Tom a basket. Tom discovers on walking inside they are cookies, reading a note they are from Diana.

Tom and Diana visit a crime scene, with Tom commenting that he enjoyed the cookies. A confused Diana states that she was going to say thank you to Tom, for cookies. Talking with a drug enforcement officer Tom and Diana learn that a new drug, Blink, which is on the street, is strikingly similar to promicin. The DEA officer states that the drug has a side-effect of causing hallucinations.

While Tom and Diana are walking to their vehicle Tom sees a hallucination of his dead father. Diana puts Tom’s hallucination down to recent stress. While driving Tom and Diana are talking, he sees his father in the back seat, uttering that his father is not really there. After visiting the NTAC medical center Tom and Diana are relieved of their jobs for a couple of days.

Tom continues to see hallucinations of his father at his home. Parts of Tom’s past are revealed. Meanwhile Diana prepares to go home when she sees a person from her past, Josh Sandler, talking to her. Diana had previously been engaged with Josh, but after an admittedly ugly fight, had broken off their engagement ten days prior to the wedding.

Naomi Bonderman, a 4400, visits NTAC. Nina escorts Naomi to her office to meet Tom and Diana and introduces them to each other. Naomi states to Tom and Diana that it is her ability which has caused Tom and Diana hallucinations, she tells Tom and Diana the background to her ability.

Tom gets a lead at Naomi Bondermans home, he discovers it was her grandson, Randy, who delivered the cookies. Tom and Diana head to Randy’s home and discover that he is not there. While in the kitchen Tom has another hallucination, he reveals to his “father” why he did not visit him in the hospital when he was dying. Diana gives Tom a ring binder containing information on various people, including Tom and Diana. She states to Tom she found it in his bedroom. They discover a lead to where Randy may be, a food-fare.

At the food-fare Tom and Diana approach Randy’s stall while he is setting out his store of cookies. Randy makes a run, Tom gives chase and catches him. Randy states as he is escorted to a police vehicle, that he is sorry, he had no intentions of hurting anybody and wanted to give them a chance to deal with their problems.

At the 4400 Center Richard and Shawn discuss Isabelle and her powers. Shawn states that if he believed staying with Isabelle would save lives that he would marry her tomorrow.

Marco visits Diana at her apartment, on entering Josh appears behind Diana’s back. Josh states to Diana that she is doing the right thing, they say goodbye and Josh disappears. Meanwhile at his home Tom comes to closure with his father and he reveals some truths.

At the 4400 Center Shawn stands over a sleeping Isabelle, he places his hands on her and attempts to kill her. He discovers Isabelle is impervious to his abilities. Isabelle awakes and states, “Happy now? You tried, didn’t work. You can’t kill me Shawn. I guess we’re gonna get married after all”.

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