'Sons of Tucson' Episode 1 - 'Pilot' Recap

It stands on Fox's Sunday comedy pedestal as a mix of borrowed plots and styles. It's got the attitude of 'Malcolm in the Middle,' the plot of 'Arrested Development' and the dramatic tragedy of 'Breaking Bad.'

But, hey, if you're going to borrow, borrow from the best.

The show stars Tyler Labine, aka 'Reaper's' Sock, as Ron, a shiftless, homeless, moral-less sporting goods store customer service rep who lives out of his employer's parking lot and steals from his grandmother to pay off his bat-wielding bookie. The boys need a pseudo-father since their real one has been hauled off to jail for pulling a Bernie Madoff, so they hire Tyler to step in and convince the school that they are under parental supervision.

Putting aside the mental logistics of the situation, the characters are very hard to like. It's easy to feel sorry for the orphaned kids that the system probably let slip through the cracks, but they also live in a huge suburban house complete with more kids toys and tech than the suburban castle from 'Blank Check.' And all of it, if you believe the already convoluted exposition, has been bought with money swindled from the bank accounts of innocent people who thought they were going to get a slice of the American dream. So right off the bat (no pun intended), a rabid animal is easier to like than these people.

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