'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains' Recap: What Happened To All Those Good Vibes? Good Episode 2

You know the set up. Ten years, twenty of the show's greatest players, out again to battle for the title of Sole Survivor, and of course, the million dollar prize. Welcome to Survivor: Heroes vs Villains, kids, and this one promises to be quite a ride. In fact, that's how everything begins: four Army choppers, with five castaways each, gushing over who they're flying with, or thinking about how they'll prove themselves this time around. James wants to make it to the end. Rupert wants to prove that good always wins. Russell doesn't want to get too star struck over Parvati and Rob.

Yes, I'm a bit more interested in Russell. After all, Jeff described him as one of the ten most notorious castaways ever, something that elicits shocked reactions from the rest, who definitely haven't seen him play. This should be very good viewing. After more talk from the rest--JT feeling intimidated, Colby feeling humbled, Jerri feeling like Mother Teresa--it's off to their first reward challenge. They just landed!

For the challenge, pairs from each tribe--that's Heroes and Villains, obviously--dig through the sand for one bag. To score a point, one must race back to their tribe's mat with the bag in hand, and that's where things get absolutely physical. First to score three points gets the prerequisite flint.

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