Episode 2 Recap

Tonight on the second episode of The Bachelorette: Intrigue! Drama! The Harlem Globetrotters! Martina McBride! Somebody breaks "The Man Code"! And multiple guys strip naked! Whoa!

But first: do you like free stuff? Think you know who's going home on The Bachelorette? To increase the stakes for all our members playing along with Jillian in the BuddyTV Bachelorette Fantasy TV League, BuddyTV has a special prize for the league winner: a $150 gift certificate to Sephora.com! So if you haven't joined the Bachelorette Fantasy TV league already, it's not too late! Do it now for your chance to win! It's still anybody's game. There are still 15 eliminations to go, and plenty of points to be made.

Okay, back to the show: we once again open on shots of Jillian looking hot, while she talks about how unconventional and un-hot she is. Alright already, we don't believe you! You're adorable, cute, AND beautiful. It's okay!

Apparently the 20 guys she picked last week aren't moving into Jillian's mansion: they're moving into a frat-tastic bunkhouse next door. As they each get roses, they will be allowed to move in to the mansion. (In other words, there isn't enough room for all of them yet!)

We open on the guys in their bunkhouse, and Chris comes in and explains that this week there will be two group dates and an individual date, with one rose at stake at each. Anyone who gets a rose gets to move into the mansion. Chris gives them the first date card: Michael, Brian, Brad, Sasha, Tanner P., Wes, Ed, Mathue are invited to a pool party at the mansion.

The pool party begins, and Jillian takes Michael off to her roof for a chat. He's very high energy and goofy. She walks back downstairs and grabs the rose, and it looks like she's going to give it to Michael, but she walks away. Michael keeps waiting upstairs, and she never comes up... instead, she puts on her hat and walks outside the mansion into a waiting car and drives off. Michael yells from upstairs to the guys that she's not there, and comes back down. The guys look around confused, and Chris comes out and tells them that she took off with the rose, and the race is on. It's up to them to find her somewhere in L.A.

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