'The Vampire Diaries' Review: Elena Gilbert, Tomb Raider Episode 14

The Vampire Diaries brought an end to the Tomb chapter of its story in typically shocking and twist-filled fashion. Every single character gathered at the Tomb for the grand unveiling of Katherine and the 26 other vampires inside.

Stefan wastes little time rescuing Bonnie and Elena by scaring the crap out of the incredibly useless Ben. Anna still has plans to be there when Damon gets the Tomb opened to rescue her mother, but first Elena has to convince Damon to work with her and Stefan again.

She does and soon she, Stefan, Damon, Bonnie and Grams are all at the Tomb while Anna and Ben also show up with a kidnapped Jeremy for leverage. The witches succeed, allowing Damon to take Elena with him into the Tomb to find Katherine. Anna also walks in while Ben and Stefan have the shortest showdown ever that ends when Stefan whips out a flame thrower and burns Ben to a crisp.

In the tomb, all they could find were severely decayed and rotting vampire bodies, starved for nearly 150 years without blood. Anna feeds some of Elena's blood to her mom to revive her. Stefan rushes in to save his girl, even though he learns the spell is still up and vampires cannot get out, even though the Tomb door is open.

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