Ratings: Fringe Benefits from Idol's Overrun - Featured

Tuesday's tallies:

* 8 pm/ET

American Idol was the night's most watched program with 22 million total viewers, down 6 percent from last week's sing-off. NCIS netted second with 17.55 mil, a gain of 750K.

The Biggest Loser shed 730 thou, hitting 8 mil. Lagging far behind ABC's pair of Charlie Brown specials, Reaper slipped a bit to 2.28 mil.

* 9 pm

The Mentalist dipped one well-coiffed hair but still won the hour, with 16.75 million viewers. Dancing with the Stars tangoed with 14.34 mil, up 10 percent week-to-week.

Fringe returned to an audience of 12 mil; that tally, up 14 percent from the show's last fresh outing, is a bit juiced by Idol's inexcusable eight-minute overrun. (Raise your hand if you didn't see Adam sing.) Case in point: Fringe ended the hour with 9.6 mil watching.

90210 inched up a smidgen, to 2.14 mil.

* 10 pm

Without a Trace was No. 1 with 12.2 million viewers, dropping 500K. SVU followed with 9.08 mil (down 300 thou). ABC's Cupid saw 18 percent of its premiere audience fall out of love, delivering just 6.22 mil.




Default avatar cat
Apr 9, 2009 6:35AM EDT

Glad to see Fringe still tallying big numbers, its a shame that reaper and 90210 aren't going anywhere at this moment in time.

Default avatar cat
Apr 10, 2009 8:03PM EDT

fringe is a decent show...i thought it would do better then dollhouse but after a while it seems that dollhouse gets better and better while fringe for me just has too many questions up in the air which annoys me so ive stopped watching it

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