Recap Three Rivers: Season 1, Episode 06 - Where We Lie

A young boy is crushed by a ride at a fair and Lisa becomes very attached to him. Andy and David try to get a VAD for Kuol. A car from a ride comes loose and plummets to the ground crushing a young boy right in front of his mother. Lisa is doing paramedics rotation that day, and she is first at the scene. We see early on that she has a profound attachment to this young boy, but we don't know why. She stabilizes him and they get him back to Three Rivers but he is bleeding internally and things are looking grave. Andy offers assistance, together they identify the boy's problem and are faced with a major surgery that may or may not save his life. The mother and our team have to wait a crucial 24 hours before they know if the surgery is going to work. In the mean time, David Lee uses his charm and good looks to woo one of the pharmaceutical reps into getting him a much coveted VAD for Kuol. We find out that Lisa's attachment to the boy stems from the fact she lost her sister to a car accident when she was only twelve years old. Seeing the young boy in pain reminded her of her sister and how she felt so helpless.

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